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7 Best Wireless Keyboard And Mouse In India


Wireless devices make our life simple. Wireless technology has helped to remove issues of the annoying wires, especially in the case of computer peripherals. The primary control devices for our desktops and laptops are the keyboard and mouse. With the support of wireless routers, wireless keyboard and mouse can be attached to the desktop/laptop via USB port.

If you want to link both the keyboard and the mouse together, wireless receivers will occupy two USB ports. Using a portable keyboard and mouse together is not the best approach. Instead, a keyboard-mouse combination needs just one wireless receiver for both devices. We are going to mention down such best wireless keyboard and mouse:

Logitech MK215 Combo

Logitech MK215 is one of the best keyboard and mouse combinations available. Both the keyboard and the mouse are relatively small and very robust to use. The keyboard includes two AAA batteries (with a lifetime of approximately two years), and the cursor needs two AA batteries (with a lifetime of roughly 5 months) to turn up.

Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard-Mouse combo

Km117 is Dell’s low-cost best wireless keyboard and mouse combo. It does have an appealing look. Like Logitech MK215, Km117 has a lightweight wireless Nano receiver, and its usage with laptops is straightforward. Two ‘AAA’ batteries are needed for the keyboard and one ‘AA’ battery for the mouse to power up. A full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad offers a convenient experience of typing.

HP-200 Combo

It is the best keyboard and mouse combination and is one of the most potent combinations available at a reasonable cost. The keyboard is giant and has a numeric keypad.  The HP 200 keyboard also has three markers for lock caps, numeric lock, and low power. The working frequency from the Nano receiver is ~10 meters. Pc 200 also includes one AA mouse battery and two AAA keyboard batteries.

Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Logitech MK220 combines the MK220 keyboard with an M150 mouse. It is the best keyboard and mouse; they are small and compact.  Two ‘AAA’ batteries are required for the keyboard, and two ‘AA’ batteries are required to charge the mouse.

Lenovo 100 Combo

Lenovo 100 is the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo that is compact and slimy designed. The keyboard is ultra-slim and water-resistant. The keyboard takes one ‘AAA,’ and for power-up, the mouse requires one ‘AA’ battery. Keyboard has three Caps lock, Num lock, and Low Power indications. There’s also an on / off switch for the mouse to save battery life.

iBall Dusky Duo 06 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo

Dusky Duo 06 is indeed the best keyboard and mouse. It operates with a 2.4 GHz wireless protocol and has a 10-meter operational range. The Duo 06 combination mouse has five buttons and one scroll wheel. Two ‘AAA’ batteries are needed on the keyboard, and the mouse also requires two ‘AAA’ batteries.

Logitech MK345 Combo

MK345 is one of the best keyboards and mouse.  The battery life of this model is high, as opposed to other ones. The keyboard includes two ‘AAA’ batteries (with a lifetime of approximately three years), and mouse needs one ‘AA’ battery (with a lifetime of roughly 18 months) for power-up. The keyboard has a long hand rest. The LED indicator for on / off is given on the mouse.

If you are a person who travels a lot, then having a compact keyboard and mouse would be beneficial. We have mentioned some of the best keyboard and mouse above, if you have liked any of them based on your needs and requirements, do not wait and get one for you!

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