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How To Place AdSense Ads in Middle Of Post In Blogger


The best way to earn more money through your blog is placing AdSense Ads in it. To get higher CTR you need to place your ads in the place where it gets the maximum attention of the visitor. There are two places where it gets maximum attention from reader, one is right bellow the title and other is in the middle of the post. To place ad on any other blog or WordPress blog is easy as there are many plugins which help you to do it but in blogger it is quite tricky. This article gives you information and provides a step by step guide about how to place AdSense Ads in middle of post in blogger.

If you want to place your AdSense Ads in the middle of the blogger post, for that there is a script for that which will help you to place your ad. Here are the steps to place your AdSense Ads. Follow the steps given bellow.

How to Get Started

  • First of all BACK UP your blog template.
  • Now generate your Adsense ad code from
  • Paste the Adsense ad code at and click on “Encode”
  • Now you can login to your Blogger dashboard and back up your template.

Step 1:

Login to Your Blogger Account and Go to Template >Edit HTML

Step 2:

Search For your HTML using CTRL F:


Step 3:

There will be multiple codes similar to the above one. Select the second code to make the script work properly and replace it with the following code.

<div id=’jobmiddlenew’>

<data:post.body/> </div>

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>

<style> #addcodemiddle{display: none;} </style>

<div id=’addcodemiddle’> Place Your Ad Code Here </div>

<script type=’text/javascript’> var str1=document.getElementById(“jobmiddlenew”).innerHTML; var str2=str1.length; var str3=str2/2; var substr = str1.substring(str3, str2); var n =“<br>”); if(n<0) { n = substr.indexOf(‘.’); if(n<0) { n=0; } var firsthalf = str1.substring(0, str3+n+1); var secondhalf = str1.substring(str3+n+1, str2); } else { var firsthalf = str1.substring(0, str3+n+4); var secondhalf = str1.substring(str3+n+4, str2); } var addcode=”<center>”+document.getElementById(“addcodemiddle”).innerHTML+”</center><br/>”; var newbody=firsthalf+addcode+secondhalf; var strnew=document.getElementsByClassName(“post-body entry-content”); strnew[0].innerHTML=newbody; document.getElementById(“addcodemiddle”).innerHTML=””; </script>


Step 4:

Replace the “Place Your Ad Code” Text With Your “AdSense Ads Code” in the above code and save your template.

Note: Before adding any AdSense or some other ad codes in a Blogger theme, you have to Parse it otherwise it will not appear in the posts. To parse AdSense code you can use AdSense code parser code.

We have provided and easy guide to post AdSense Ads on the blogger post. Read our step by step guide of how you can place your Adsense Ads in the middle of your blogger post. Use the above steps and put your ad in the middle of your post to earn more revenue from your ad.

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