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How To Increase Your Store Sales On Shopify?


So, you have now put all your efforts and time to build an online store on Shopify. And even after all this it’s still not getting a good amount of sale or you need to increase your Store Sales? Maybe you had good sales in the first 6 months, and now it just feels like reaching the saturation point. Or maybe you have invested a healthy amount of capital and now you’re setting up possible goals to reach.

Whether you’re trying to achieve your first customer of 1000th customer, generating a good amount of traffic can help your business grow. And also, you won’t get good traffic is your site isn’t optimized as per the requirements. You can expect a jump in the sales once you have reached the accomplishments and produce heavy traffics. To help you boost your sales, we have discussed a few important tactic s that you can follow.

Build An Instagram Presence to Increase Your Store Sales

Having just a Facebook page isn’t going to benefit you, as most of the millennials have shifted to Instagram. Even if you’re just getting started with your business, we’d recommend you possess an Instagram page to showcase your products and services. You can connect with a much larger audience and use the hyperlinks like ‘buy now’ to generate traffic on your site.

But why Instagram? Its users on Instagram are more active, engaged, and more responsive to brands than over Facebook or Twitter.

Collaborating With Influencers

It’s a part of your marketing strategy, but a trickier step to promote your brand. One Instagram post about your product can generate huge traffic on your site and build the initial audience in no time.

Influencers can charge some fee to promote your brand, but you’ll be getting a huge number of customers through the. So overall it’s a good ROI (return of investment). It’s generally a good deal if your products are been promoted by an influencer with 1M+ followers.

Write Good Content On Shopify’s Blog to Increase Your Store Sales

An interesting fact is that 61% of buyers on the Shopify site have bought something based on the blogs

It doesn’t limit to that, but stores that have written blogs on the site generate about 97% more inbound links (Which is a crucial part of the SEO). That’s how powerful content writing can be.

You can write on your own or hire content writers ti write your blog at fewer prices. Through this, you can tell the audience about your products and possibly nudge then by providing links to generate more traffic.

Use SEO To Increase Your Store’s Discover Ability

Search engine optimization, is a process to rank your sites higher in search engine results. A high rank in search results ensured more traffic to your site. Surveys have shown that 1/3 of all the clicks go to the topmost organic search result on Google. That topmost position is a key ingredient for generating qualified traffic for your online store.

SEO consists of several rules and you must meet them and structure your content accordingly.

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