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How To Improve Communication Skills For Your Career


Apart from technical skills, your communication skills play a more important role in your career. This is one of the more important personal traits that have the greatest impact on your success, achievements and promotions. Whether written, spoken, reading or listing, communication skills is key to success and plays a crucial role your career. So, improve communication skills to get success in career.

Here is the list of tips how to improve communication skills for your career:

Get Your Point Across

When communicating, make sure you deliver your message clear and uncut. Don’t push your conversation, just be straight and clear and focus on the message you want to convey to the listener. Keep it short so that your listener could hear what he/she wants to hear.

Listen Actively

Listen to others carefully so that you could understand what they want to say. The first rule of better communication is listening. Let the other finish what they are saying and respond after you heard and understood what they said. Don’t try to speak after their mouth stopped moving.

Repeat Back

The second stage of listing is repeating back what they have said. Once you heard and understood their message repeat it in their words so that they get the assurance that you have understood.

Think Before You Speak

There are several rules of communication and one of them is thinking before you speak. It makes a huge difference in listening and waiting to for your turn to speak. If you are in an active conversation and someone disagrees with you then don’t just respond rudely. Take a pause and then think what they are trying to say. If it makes you upset then don’t say anything about it or say it calmly.

Use Body Language

If there is something quite complex or complicated to explain then try it face to face.  You can use your body language. Your body is a great way to convey your messages so when in doubt use your facial expressions, hand movements. These gestures are the non-verbal ways of communication and can be used to avoid any confusion.

Improve Your Written Communication

The maximum communication in the offices is over email or texts. So it becomes quite important to improve your writing communication skills to. If you are sending a mail then it must be written in a way that the receiver could understand it easily. If you are sending a financial report or sales report, don’t make it complicated for the receiver.

Know Your Audience

Before speaking to them know to whom you are communicating. If you are communicating with your client then your approach must be different. You could not talk to him the way you talk to your boss or senior. Your tone and approach both should be according to your audience.

Be Yourself

While communication is office is formal and you focus on communicating professional don’t forget to be yourself. Don’t use jargon words which are difficult for listener to understand and it will create confusion. So better to make it simple and be yourself.

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