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How To Download Instagram Stories Anonymously


With the advancement of features as well as the technology, it is easy to download Instagram stories. In this current time, Instagram is one of the most popular apps among the masses, especially teenagers. It is one of the trustworthy apps where users can post their pictures and videos.

Instagram provides numerous features to its users, right from security to uploading stories. This social media app offers two types of accounts. First one is public, and the second one is a private account. In the private account, only your followers will able to see, comment, and like your post and stories. In contrast to it, in the case of public account, anyone can see your stories, post and share it with others. Mostly masses have a private account because it saves way to keep your profile secure from the people whom you do not know.

In addition to it, Instagram offers the feature of the story. In the story, you can upload your daily activity, photos, or videos. This story will remain for twenty-four hours. After that, it will disappear automatically. Even you can highlight your story. By highlighting your story, it will display on your profile page.

Moreover, one can take the screenshot of pictures, but now the question arises what about the stories downloading or how to download Instagram stories without viewing it?  If you are uploading your story on Instagram, then it will save automatically in your mobile gallery. Now, what about your friend story? If you like your friend story and want to download it, then how it is possible?

There are numerous ways to download the stories. Even on the browser, you will get the numerous options of websites that give the surety of downloading the stories without informing your friend.

Steps To Download Instagram Stories.

  • In the first step, log in to your Instagram account and search the profile from which you want to download Instagram stories.
  • After that open his or profile and copy the link of the photo or video that you like the most and want to download it.
  • In the next step, paste the link on any website of Instagram story downloading. Numerous sites are on mobile browsers such as INSTAVIEW.ME, Instavideo downloader and many more.
  • When you visit the website of Instagram story downloading, you will get the column of paste the username or URL. After pasting the link on the place of user name, you will find the option of download on your mobile screen.
  • Further click on the option of download. In addition to that, it will take hardly five minutes to download Instagram stories.

Last Lines

In the end, follow all steps as mentioned above as per the criteria. The main benefit of downloading the story is, you will do not need to ask for to send this story. Download the story from your own and upload it as your story. In addition to it, you can also view the profile picture of your friend on Instagram.

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