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How To Do Makeup Everyday – Simple And Easy Way


The question of how to do makeup everyday to look flawless and attractive is the big question. If the women should apply make-up every day, all the blemishes can be covered while highlighting the bone structure and eyes change your overall look.

Every single woman nowadays has piles and piles of makeup in their pouch, but they don’t know what is worth it. Through this article, you will come to understand how to do make up every day very uniquely: –

Preparing the face

This is the first step while answering the question of how to do makeup every day. Thoroughly wash the look whenever you want to do makeup. Use a cleanser to wash the face or splash lukewarm water a few times to start fresh. Pat the face gently with a soft towel without rubbing.

After this always consider exfoliating

If you want your face to look fresh and clean exfoliate your face every few days. To look fresh use a good quality facial brush, scrubber, or any other things that help you to look unique. Keep in mind you focus on those areas that look flaky and dry.

Apply moisturizer

This is the last step before starting makeup. Take a small amount of lotion and apply onto your face. This step helps the makeup to go inside smoothly while inventing better and elegant look. According to your skin type, always choose the best quality moisturizer. Massage it to the whole face with the help of finger and don’t forget eyelids, lips, and nose.

Foundation and face powder

Ensure that you only buy or use that foundation or face powder that matches the skin tone. Apply the foundation on full-face evenly with the help of brush or pad or finger. After that, blend the foundation on the whole face smoothly and gently.

Apply concealer

Always remember to buy a concealer that matches your skin tone. Take a brush or pad or with the help of finger apply on the dark circles. Blend it equally; this will help the face to look good.

Apply face powder

Again, it should be according to your skin tone. With the help of brush apply it on the face in a circular motion. This will deliver a natural look to the face and support in setting up the foundation all day long.

Apply blusher

Try to choose blusher in the pink shade as it matches with your face colour. Take a blusher brush and apply it on the apples of the cheeks in a circular motion.

Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner

Ensure to choose neutral shade pallet if you want an everyday look for the office or while going out. On the other hand, better to choose black or brown shade eyeliner for a unique look.

Final thought

All these above steps are for those women who don’t know how to do makeup everyday. So, follow them these steps and impress everyone with your attractive and impressive look.

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