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How To Disable Comments On WordPress Posts?


Comments are something which convert a post into a great communication so the question of why someone wants to disable them. Well, many comments are hurtful, negative and spam. Search engines also index comments and that why spammers leave a spam comment on your website or blog, WordPress gives you the authority to disable the comments in a post, page or on the entire website. So if you want to disable comments then there are ways to do that. Let’s discuss a few popular methods.

To Stop Comments On All Future Posts (And Pages)

To manage the comments go to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion

Uncheck the option “allow people to post comments on articles”. Pingbacks and trackbacks can also be disabled from here. The comments on all the future posts on your website will be disabled completely.

If you want to allow comments on a specific post of page then you can change this setting under Discussions that individual post or page.

To Stop All Comments On All Published Posts (Or Pages)

If you want to disable the comments on the existing pages or posts then step 1 cannot stop this. To stop the comments on the existing post go to your Dashboard > Comments. If you want to remove any particular comment then select “Move to Trash” and if you want to remove the entire click Bulk Actions, select “Move to Trash”, and then click the Apply button.

To Stop Comments On Selected Posts (Or Pages) In Bulk

To stop comments on the selected posts go to the All Posts section. Select those posts for which you want to remove comments, and then click on the Bulk Actions > Edit > Apply. Here a new option will open up Bulk Edit, here you can choose the Do Not Allow option for comments.

You can select only 20 posts as it is the default setting for the display of posts in the All Posts screen. To display more numbers on each screen, make changes under Screen Options.

To Stop Comments On Existing Posts Individually

If you want to disable comments on existing post individually then select the specific post from All Posts and click Edit Post. You will see a heading Discussion bellow the writing area. Enable “Discussion” if you cannot see this option under “Screen Option”. Uncheck “Allow Comments” in the discussion box.

To do the same you can use Quick Edit individual posts option as well.

If you have a small website of a few pages then you can simply control the comments by enabling or disabling them but if you have a large website of thousands of pages having heavy content then you can opt for the third-party solution like Disqus or others similar social media.

So now you know how to disable the comments, if you are not getting any benefits from comments then you can simply disable them.

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