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Here Is How You Will Handle Navratri Fasting


Navratri is meant for worshipping Goddess Durga in her various incarnations. She is the emblem of the ultimate power or Shakti. We keep fasting for satisfying the supreme power. In Hindu mythology, it is said that we get blessings from Adi Shakti for fasting. So, you must be aware of the proper way to continue Navratri fasting for a whole nine days.

What Will You Do During Navratri?

The aims of fasting are getting blessings from the almighty. Visit temples to get an ambiance of Puja. Meet friends and relatives during this time. It will make you happy and healthy from within! Keep yourself surrounded by positive people who would love to join rituals with you.

Celebrate every day to enjoy the festivities. But it should not be like you will fall ill after Navratri for keeping a promise of fasting. So the aim of fasting should come along with the well being of your health.

These nine days include lots of festival activities. You are supposed to visit ceremonies concerned with the festival on every single day of Navratri. Festival means foods and celebrations that result in stress afterward. Know here how to keep yourself healthy to keep continuing fasting.

Healthy Ways Of Celebrations

  • Take care of your digestive system to keep a healthy body. Eat whole fruits and vegetables. Keep a plan for meal prep. Eat lots of grains like Dal, Rajma and so on. It will keep fulfilling the requirement of protein in your body.
  • Keep your body hydrated with lots of juices. Always opt for wholesome homemade juice to get the best out of it.
  • Drink lots of water. Fasting keeps dehydrating your body. Water retention increases in your body for that. Drinking water will reduce bloating always.
  • Eat pure homemade food after Puja in the evening. After the Puja, do not eat junk food. When you will fast for longer days you should not spicy food for staying healthy.
  • Do mild exercise every day to keep your system dynamic!

Avoid Negative Vibes While Keeping Navratri Fasting

In the modern era, it is quite normal that one will have stress in life. You cannot restrict it fully even during Navratri days. But you can avoid some of the negativity. Keep your body and mind enlightened with the power of fasting.

  • Do not go for late night celebrations. It will cut off sleeping time. During Puja days you are supposed to wake up early. So do not be a night owl!
  • Do not eat sugary foods recklessly. Otherwise, you might end up looking like a couch potato after these nine days! Choose fruits for Puja Prasad.
  • Avoid all types of restaurant dishes. As a vegetarian, you will also have a problem with selecting dishes.
  • Do not stress yourself. Puja means positive energy. So keep smiling. A positive vibe will help you to continue fasting for nine days.

Hope this discussion will be helpful for the upcoming Navratri days.

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