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Fun Things To Do When You Pregnant


For maximum women pregnancy is a tough time and it takes great efforts to keep going when you are pregnant. No matter how hard pregnancy is, every woman on the earth wants to become a mom and enjoy the joy of being a mother. There are already lots of things do when you are pregnant like nesting in the last stages, regular hospital appointments and finding childcare facilities. To doing everything women often left themselves behind. Here are a few fun things to do when you pregnant.

Go On A Date With Your Partner

Once you become parents forgot about that couple time you used to enjoy before the arriving of baby. So why not go on a date with your boyfriend or husband when you are pregnant. Enjoy some quality time with your partner and go on a dinner Date with him.

Pamper Yourself

It is a great time to pamper yourself; you can book a prenatal massage to get some relaxation and if you can afford you can book more than one. You will get a great relaxation while having a massage. Book a parlour appointment for other beauty services.

Get Some Sleep

This is the time when no one will disturb you while you are sleeping. Once you deliver the baby, you cannot get enough sleep for few months. So just compensate your sleep while you are pregnant.


While doctors suggest not travelling in the first and last trimester of your pregnancy to avoid any miss-happening, you can still enjoy travelling in the second trimester. This is the most favourable trimester in which you can travel anywhere. You can make a short trip with your family, partner or friend.

Go To Watch A Movie

You will not be able to watch a movie in a theatre so this is the time when you can watch an upcoming movie. There are many shows where you can bring your baby but the fun will not be the same as without baby.

Go to Babymoon

Just like honeymoon, you can go on a long vacation for your baby moon. Take a luxurious getaway for your babymoon with your partner. Nine months are long time but it will be over and you will cherish all the memories you made during pregnancy.

Decorate Nursery

You and your baby are the two who are going to spend maximum time with each other in this room once baby is arrived.  So, decorate it the way you want it, make sure you have everything in this room which you might need in future.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is good for both, you and your baby. Make a exercise routine, a gentle exercise will help you to sooth your pain and aches while you are pregnant.

So, there is a few exciting and fun things to do when you pregnant. Do what suits you as every pregnancy is different and every woman has different choice.

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