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Countries Where Indian Rupee Value Is Stronger


Traveling abroad is the dream of every traveler, but on the other hand, traveling abroad can be very much expensive. Most of the people skip their plans of traveling due to this reason. If you are living in India, then the best idea to save your money on traveling is to travel such places where the Indian rupee value is stronger than that of their currency.

But the thing is what are the names of such countries. If you want to know about such countries, then stick to this blog to have detailed information about this topic:


Vietnam is the place, which is equipped with a lush green environment, delicious food, and most amazing travel destinations. In this country, 1 Indian rupee is equal to the 334 Vietnamese Dongs. This implies that you only need to spend 1 rupee for your whole day. For your trip to Vietnam, you only need to spend only thousands of rupees.


This is the best traveling destination when you love having an adventure in your life. This is the destination, which is filled with thrill. Some of the adventure sports that you can enjoy here are rafting across fast-flowing rivers and hill traveling. In this country, one rupee is equaled to the 83.31 Paraguayan Guarani.


This place is loaded with historical monuments and an extraordinary civilization. This place is having forests and having one-third of land areas. In this country, 1 rupee is equal to the 61.29 Cambodian riels. In this country, you can find out all of the things at the cheapest price.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is filled with the most beautiful Flora and Fauna. This is the best place to explore for the lovers of nature. Jurassic park movie is filmed over this beautiful region. In this country, 1 rupee is equal to the 8 Costa Rican Colons.

Costa Rica


Summers are the best season to watch the beauty of Iceland. In this country, travelers can enjoy the natural beauty along with the historical monuments. In this country, 1 rupee is equaled to the 1.72 Icelandic Krona.


If you are a safari lover, then you should try visiting Zimbabwe. This is the stunning destination for the lovers of biological diversity and here travelers can experience the beauty of Flora and Fauna. The beaches are also the best part of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is loaded with the most amazing historical travel destinations. This is the best option for such people who are traveling with their partner. In Zimbabwe, 1 Indian rupee value is equaled to 5.40 Zimbabwe dollars.


Japan is the perfect mixture of technology and beauty. In this country, you can enjoy the traditional food of Japan as well. Hot springs and fresh evenings are the best part of Japan. One Indian rupee value is equal to the 1.53 Japanese Yens.

So, catch your flight to these countries and save your money on your travel expenses.

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