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Best Time To Visit Ooty – Weather Updates Ooty


Are you looking for the best time to visit Ooty? If yes, then this is the right place to get the entire information regarding the best season to travel in Ooty. Well, Ooty is the well-known hill station and it provides a picturesque view of the people who love the mountains. Moreover, Ooty served as the summer headquarters under the rule of British and it was also known as the Udagamandalam. Well, this city can be enjoyed in any season as it is not compulsory to enjoy this city only in the summer season. But, according to most of the visitors, the best season is the summer season that is considered the best season.

Best Season To Explore Ooty

Well, people like to visit Ooty in the summer season. Including this, honeymooners, couples, families visit Ooty in the winter and monsoon season. Visitors recommended taking the toy train that is extremely famous in Ooty as it offers the panoramic view of the Nilgiri hills, which cannot be enjoyed anywhere else, this train is best to take in the monsoon season as that time you can witness the greenery all over, waterfalls gushing with double force as rainwater. Well, in the winter season, does not use the toy train due to freezing weather. 

The Summer Season Is Best Time To Visit Ooty

Ooty is known for the pleasant weather all over the year, because of this, it is also known as the summer capital of Madras Presidency, which can be enjoyed by the tourists only in the summer season. During the summer season from March to May, the temperature range from 23 to 31 Celsius that is the best temperature to visit this hill station.

Activities To Perform In Summer Season

During the summer season plethora of sightseeing opportunities as well as the summer festival organized in May that is the only cause to attract many of the tourists from across the world. The botanical garden in Ooty is blessed to the nature-lover that is run by the government. 

Winter Season Is Best Time To Visit Ooty

The winter season from October to February is the time when the chilly winds take over the town. During the winter season, the temperature is from 5 to 15 Celsius and at that time, the weather is dry as well as extremely cold so it is best to wear woolen clothes. The mountains and hills of the Ooty become misty as well as foggy that is the perfect for picturesque landscape besides this, the atmosphere is very fresh and the perfect to enjoy the landscape. 

Activities To Perform In Winter Season

Here are the many things to do in the Ooty. Sightseeing is the best activity in fresh surroundings. The air of Ooty is free from the pollutants, which makes this city is one of the preferred destinations to travel. Take part in the festivals is the other activity to perform. To get the experience of the local culture, then choose to take part in the many festivals that arranged in the winter season such as Ekadasi, Saraswati Pooja, and so on.

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